Our team is with you every step of the way, from helping you looking for the best flight options to your departure and until your arrival back home. We are available to offer you a travel coordination experience at the local, national and international levels to offer a variety of travel options and cost-cutting solutions to our clients and guests, such as: comprehensive housing plans and hotel arrangements, ground transportation assistance, group air savings, revenue-creating opportunities for tournaments and events, quick-turnaround travel planning for things like pre-season, winter season breaks scenarios, and so much more.


International Team Tours
Athletic events
Conferences and seminars
Corporate events and team building activities
Exchange programme
Sports scholarship programme

International team tours

Teams that travel overseas with us enjoy increased team unity, extra practice time and unforgettable cross-cultural adventures.
We have an extraordinary options for Portugal where football is the most practice sport, with a big help of Cristiano Ronaldo, Figo, Quaresma.
One day, your team could be squaring off in an exhibition game against a high-caliber international opponent such as Sporting, Benfica or Porto, and other day could be could be sailing on a private catamaran down the Tejo river or visiting the beautiful Lisbon.

Conferences and seminars

We do organize big international conferences and also local seminars.
In our track we had organized the biggest international sports summit in Portugal in September 2019 that brought to Lisbon the best athletes and most important stakeholders, CEO and other personalities.
At the same time we had organized local seminars for football coaches and sports business.
Manage an event from A-to-Z is what we do, and with alll know-how aquired through all the years on the business you just need to tell what you’re looking for.

Exchange programme

In the globalization world we need to be very up to date in sports.
Based on that in partnership with Prime school international we are offering a possibility of those who are passionate for football to have an inside experience about practice, and play in a top club, as well as study programme in school. They can choose from a 3 month programe to 1 year programme.

Athletic events

Our event team delivers exceptional service to a variety of events annually. Recently and due to growing interest in football, we are organizing teams to market players in specific tournaments such as Ibercup or Gothia cup . Our experts manage all housing and travel components, saving our clients time and generating impactful financial results, while assuring your travelers have exceptional travel experiences.

Boarding Sports Programme

Owing to a rise in demand for sports, we prepared a programme in the field of Sport. Young athletes will be able to complete the last four years of their international basic education with professionals of their chosen sport, as well as maintain the international teaching standards that will allow them to enter the best universities in the world

Sports scholarship programme

Whether you are a talented athlete looking for a full-ride scholarship to your dream college or you are more of a club sport athlete looking to play at a more recreational level, there are scholarships for both types, and everyone in-between. Based on your sport, there may be more or less competition which will affect the amount of scholarship money and awards that can be disbursed. We want to keep your dreams and based on that we will help you to achieve what you’re looking for.

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